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The vocational high school ,,Gorce Petrov” is located in Prilep, a city in the southwestern part of North Macedonia, in the Pelagonia plain, 128 km from the capital Skopje (airport). The school was funded in 1963 with the profile handler mining machines, and within the same school after four years a new profile – made clothes. Today, 55 years later, the school is teaching the students in 9 occupations: textile technician, medical assistant, pharmacy technician, physical therapist, cosmetic, hairdressing, mining technician and technician for furniture and interior. Since the school was funded many years before, students attained and achieved solid results of various competitions and events and the students who have graduated are solid workers and specialists. There are about 880 students between the ages of 15-18 and 73 teachers, each qualified and well-trained for the individual subjects. All the students study English language. We have 13 general classrooms, computer science classroom, a library, 5 cabinets for the different professions, hairdresser’s cosmetician, pharmacy and physiotherapists cabinet. Each classroom is equipped with computers, while all the teachers are given lap top for their own use. We also have a new, modern and health club. The school halls are provided with video control system.

Students from the neighboring villages and cities come to study in our school owing to the wide range of different professions and the skilled personnel. Students from different nationalities enroll the school. There is also a range of other activities for talented student such as: sports club, choir, art club, drama, reciter, literary and health clubs. Students achieve excellent results at the national competitions. Also the school has students with different social structure and of different nationalities. Many of them come from villages near Prilep, and we have students from surrounding cities. They are provided with transportation and accommodation in a student dormitory. There are also students who come from backgrounds with low social status and families who receive social assistance