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Hysteria is a form of neurosis, in which mental disorders are transformed into various physical, sensory and motor disorders (in the form of occasional theatrical falls accompanied by cramps, partial disturbances of consciousness and outbursts of strong emotions).

Symptoms of a hysterical attack are: most often preserved consciousness with sudden falls and excessive excitement in behavior and speech. Sometimes speech can be replaced by constant screaming, sobbing, sobbing. The mentioned signs are intensified in the presence of an observer, while the appearance of a “hysterical arch” (bending of the whole body with support on the nape of the neck and heel) is very rare.

First Aid

When providing first aid, it is necessary to place the hysterical person in a quiet place, not to interrupt the hysterical attack. It is important to know that such people should be calmed down and treated patiently while waiting for the arrival of the ambulance team.