First Aid WorldWide Manual



Drowning is a form of mechanical respiratory arrest, which occurs due to the arrival of water in the upper respiratory tract and lungs. The cause of death by drowning in water is the interruption of gas exchange between the human body and the outside air

A drowning person who drowns usually makes sharp, uncoordinated, panicked movements for a while, trying to stay on the surface of the water. If help is not given to him in time, water enters the airways, and due to his disabled breathing, he disappears under the water, “gradually descending to the bottom.

First Aid

In all forms of drowning in water, breathing stops first. When drowning in ice water, it can take 30-45 minutes to restore vital functions to the unconscious. The basic premise of successful resuscitation procedures during drowning is to properly pull the victim “dry” by throwing a board, rubber ball, lifebelt or rope, avoiding physical contact if the drowned person is conscious, and the arrival of the Emergency Medical Service as soon as possible.